About the artist

2020 will be my third time as an instructor for EFABE.  I’ve taught at many conventions around the world over the past decade.  My work has been seen in books, magazines and even on TV!  You can see me on Skin Wars if you have Netflix.

Weekend classes

Airbrush Face and Body Painting

This is the future painting! Harness the power of the airbrush to create intricate designs at super speed.  This class will cover the basics of airbrushing and the use of stencils to create unique, beautiful and jaw-dropping designs.  This style of face painting will also allow you to paint more faces pre hour than you ever thought possible.  Those faces will be painted with amazing waterproof makeup that looks good and lasts all day yet removes easily.  Sometimes people do not want to have something painted on their face, you can now offer a wide variety of designs for the arms, hands, literally everywhere! Sean Avram will also be passing along some secrets about stencils, airbrush makeup, maintenance and more!


Airbrush Tattoo Like a Pro

People ask, “do you also do tattoos?”.  Now you can tattoo like a pro!  This class will teach you some powerful ways to utilize Wiser Oner’s: Tattoo Pro stencil system to create dramatic, powerful and creative designs that are unique and customizable every time you apply.  We will talk about: use, care and cleaning of your stencils, application of the tattoos in cool and unique designs, how to make new designs yourself and how to present and sell this service at your next big event or party.


Full Day class (Friday)

It’s time to paint like a pro! 
This class is all about the thousands of little details you can add with airbrush techniques to give your designs that extra punch. You will learn to render clouds, outer space, flames, metal and UV blacklight makeup tricks and tips. We will also go over advanced stencil technique, and crafting your own stencils as well as maintenance and troubleshooting of your airbrush system. Bring your game to an entirely new level. Make more money, create new and exciting artwork that will blow people’s minds.
You’ve been waiting for this class, it’s time to take the next step.