Natalee Davies


About the artist

Natalee’s unique approach to face painting is a beautiful blend of makeup artistry and face painting. With “Real Time” face painting in mind this class teaches you how to create fast and fabulous designs that you can use on every job. Natalee’s unique “sponge free”, one Stroke methods teaching perfect brush loading, focal point focus, flawless blending, colour theory, layering colour and how to combine multiple one strokes into your designs to achieve bold and breathtaking results.

In this class you will learn all new techniques to create flawless, vibrant, symmetrical designs. Natalee’s long history of makeup artistry brings a fresh approach to face painting, Nat will teach you how to create beautiful eye designs for all ages, butterflies, fantasy cats, fairies and princesses, and many more of the most requested on the job designs. Natalee’s approach to face art will save you time on the job as well as hundreds of dollars on waisted paint. Natalee focuses on Perfect brush loading, focal points, dry blending, colour choices and colour matching giving you all new skills and mastering the art of metallic’s…This class will be one of the best investments you have ever made to your business.

Class Description

Boys will be boys
Working fast is part of what we do but sometimes those little boys will wiggle and be impossible to paint so Natalee will teach you how to create Fast One stroke versions of your favourite boys designs whilst avoiding the eyes, mouth and nose. Natalee will show you how to paint numerous boy designs from: Spiderman, Batman, Dragon, Tiger and skull.
She will teach you how to create bold and crisp boy designs using her unique “Sponge free” one-stroke techniques and elegant style.
If you are looking for real time  “achievable” fast and fabulous party faces that we do in our every day birthday parties and festivals… This is the class to take… Natalee can show you how to create some of the most requested boys faces that can be created in just a few minutes

Go for Gold
Natalee is the originator and master creator of her signature Gold range one strokes and beautiful gold tip brushes. These classic and timeless one strokes appeal to all skin tones and can be used in hundreds of designs. Come to this class to master your golds and achieve classy and crisp designs combining makeup techniques for your clients of all ages… from mums, teens and toddlers this class will have you reaching for the golds as your first choice for butterflies, masks, florals, animals and much much more..

Full day Class (Thursday and Friday)

Flowing Florals and Breathtaking Butterflies
In this in-depth class Natalee will teach you how to create stunning floral designs. Learning all about colours and layering techniques. Focal points and framing the face with colour. Combining breathtaking Bold rainbows with soft pastels this one stroke class will leave you wanting more and wanting to try new things… Natalee will combine this popular floral style with her world renowned butterflies to teach you how to choose bright and bold colour choices and beautiful symmetry to create multiple different Butterfly designs.. Natalee will teach you her signature style and talk in depth about colour choices and layering your designs to master beautiful butterfly wings which you can use in many different designs.