Margi Kanter

United States

About the artist

Margi Kanter is a world renown face painting instructor and author of the book series ‘Pick Your Nose’.

Weekend classes


“Creative in a Crunch” is the way to speedy, fabulous face painting designs. Utilizing Margi’s easy to remember and time tested face painting method, you will better understand the basic structure of each face painting work of art. The ideas of flow and animation come directly from proper placement and brush and sponge technics.

In this hands on instructional workshop, each student will be able to use Margi’s ‘Creative in a Crunch’ workbook. Together they will break down the basic concepts of cartooning as well as mask design! Using these techniques, Margi will guide each student in creating and combining their individual style with brand new and improved animated cartoons, and girl/boy masks that are fun, fast and effective for every events.

In this course you will learn:

  • Proper placement
  • To paint faster without sacrificing visual quality
  • To improve/define your individual style
Animated hand designs

Full Day class

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