Margi Kanter

United States

About the artist

Margi Kanter is a world renown face painting instructor and author of the book series ‘Pick Your Nose’.

Weekend classes

The art of simple cartooning:

Please join Margi Kanter in this fun loving animation class. It has been 8 years since she has visited EFABE and taught her “Pick your Nose” designs and her teaching methods have evolved . 

Margi will be teaching the art of simple cartooning. This class will include the basic breakdown of her designs as well as proper placement on the face , in order for the cartoon to animate properly. Margi will use simple tools and tips and tricks to help you to paint your animated designs quickly and precisely without losing the quality of your work. Some of her famous pick your nose designs will be incorporated and updated as well as new and improved ones.These cartoons are fun to paint on both face or arm and hands at your next busy event. Improve your line work and update your style in this informative fun class. 


A new level of fun:

Join Margi Kanter as she teaches you how to add a new level of fun to your individual style. So often we get stuck in a rut and paint the same thing over and over. Let Margi show you how to incorporate cartoons into your masks for both boys and girls. Using her famous method of design , Margi will break down the elements and face map the designs so they fit perfectly into any mask or single eye design. Basic elements and bold lines and highlights create a quality animated mask every time. Take your superhero, animal and holiday masks to new levels of fun with Margi Kanter!

Full Day class

Margi is not going to give a Full Day class at Thursday or Friday. Maybe we can plan a class at Monday?
Please send us an email at if you would like that!