About the artist

Artist since her childhood, Geneviève Houle, better known under the name of Jinny, specialized in artistic makeup.
She has been able to take her place in this field for more than twenty years. She travels around the world and
shares her techniques and creativity with her students. Despite her ability to create a panoply of style to meet the
demand of her customers, she still has a style of her own that people recognize. Thousands of “fans” follows her
work. What sets her creations apart from others is her way of using colors so that contrasts and shapes follow the
lines of the body and facial features. Her work has been published in several international media, magazines,
books, TV, movies, commercials, conventions, “shows” and corporate events.
In 2001, her collaboration with Mehron Inc.’s chemist in New York City made her the
CO-CREATOR of the makeup line PARADISE MAKEUP AQ. She is the only artist to have contributed to the
creation of a line of artistic make-up from A to Z. The line holds the “JINNY APPROVED” stamp since its creation.
She has worked to create products that are not only natural by their ingredients but also good for the skin and in
addition 100% vegan. PARADISE MAKEUP AQ is sold internationally.

Weekend classes

1)  Skulls

This class is for every level.
First, you will learn the basics about skulls, bone structure, placement and shapes to face paint the best looking
skull you can.
If you are more advanced, you will also learn how to create amazing 3d effects using the right highlights and
shadows. Also, Jinny will share information regarding the best colour options when painting skulls.

2)  Sleeves

This class is always a lot of fun.
You will be guided by Jinny’s advices all along and everyone will be painting their own arm.
During that time, jinny will share many tricks on how to create some fabulous concepts of any styles.
* ideas when using PRISMA BLENDSET
* Brush strokes
* blending
* color combinations

Full Day class (Thursday)

This is a partial Body painting class. The canvas is Face/neck/shoulder.

Jinny will teach everything about painting a body. In the morning she will share interesting facts about technics and theory, so you can create your design. After lunch you will need a model who has his or her shoulders available.

She will assist you all day so you can be proud of the masterpiece you will create!
If you sign up for this class, you should come a bit prepared so we can quickly start painting.
You must have an idea in mind, you can sketch your concept in advance but it must be JINNY APPROVED before
you start. Bring images that inspires you for the shapes, colours and/or textures
IMPORTANT: images from nature NOT body painting images.
This class is for creative people who like to learn new things or even for the people who are not creative. You will learn the technics how to create a design.

A model is necessary for each student – Only the upper body will be painted)
If you need help while finding a model for this workshop: Please send an email to Sigrid@efabe.eu