Cameron Ashley

United States

About the artist

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Weekend classes

1)  Colorful Creations

Learn to blend colors and use multiple one stroke techniques to create crowns, butterflies and fairies that are sure to wow the crowd!


2)  Creative Cats

In this class, you will learn multiple ways to create cats with style! Tiger stripes, cheetah, leopard print, fur techniques and adding color and dimension to your designs. We will use rainbow cakes, one strokes and multiple brushes and stencils!


Full Day class

One Stroke Tips, Tricks and Techniques


In this class, Cameron will discuss using one strokes for blending, outlining, and designing on the job faces. Multiple one stroke techniques will be taught using several different techniques and brush strokes to create butterflies, fairies, crowns, flowers, animals, fur and flames! Glitter, rainbow cakes and sponging, and the use of stencils will also be incorporated. Step up your designs with this wonderful class!