Anna Wistrich


About the artist

With the exception of my daughter Noya, face painting is the most important thing in my life. i find myself blessed to paint and “touch” people, teach and  inspire and in return be inspired. its so much more than a job, its taken me all over the world, opened me to new experiences and granted me so many beautiful  friends. 

Weekend classes

1) Flowers

In this hands on class we will create beautiful face, hand and shoulder designs using different one stroke flowers. We will learn a variety of  flowers and how to combine them into stunning works of art. 

2) Boy designs

We will learn to find the “inner scary”, designs that look impressive and have wow factor. In this class we will address a variety of technics: use of colour, sponge work, placement, enhancement of facial features and creating 3D effects.
Do you like the boy-pictures above on the left and right? This is wat she is going to teach.
Actually these are Anna’s favorite things to paint. She doesn’t get to paint them a lot. Because usually everybody wants butterflies and flowers, but these are her favorite kind of things.
For us she is working on 3 or 4 different versions/designs, all based on different kinds of claws and horns and a bit of 3D.
She wants to show one that is really complex and then several really quick ones, but they all work on the same idea, just different areas on the face.

So this will certainly be a really cool class!


Full Day class (Friday)

From amateur to pro
This work shop will take you through a colorful journey, in which you will learn how to create beautifully stunning on the job designs. A very technical workshop, which will improve your sponging and brush technique. We will work on the flow of your designs and colour combos…
The workshop will include lots of tips and tricks so that you will be able to paint crisp and clean face paints that impress. The workshop includes sheer and opaque sponge work, use of a variety of brushes; flat, angle, petal, flora, shading, liner, round, filbert and more, How to combine stencils and a touch of one stroke. Designs will vary from delicate fairy designs to colorful eyes for the teens, show stopping fantasy cats, one stroke flowers and super quick and effective skulls and so much more.
This is the workshop that will turn you into a pro! I’m sure this workshop will add to the knowledge you already have and take you to a completely new level.
A great class for beginners to improve their face painting skills. In this class we will learn a multitude of techniques: working with sponges to create delicate sheer and opaque backgrounds, learning how to use a variety of brushes, incorporating stencils in our designs, line work and flow. We will learn how to plan out easy but impressive designs.
I am so excited to meet you,