EFABE cancelled!

Why is EFABE cancelled?

The organization team of EFABE decided to cancel EFABE 2022. The possibility of organizing an event like EFABE in the future is unclear; nobody knows the development of the corona virus and the consequent safety measures (social distancing, mouth masks etc).

Moreover, organizing EFABE takes at least 10 months of preparation (and be aware, it was all done by volunteers) and given the unclear future we feel it is impossible to predict when EFABE could take place again.

Therefore the organization team also decided to stop; we will not take the initiative again to organize EFABE. This was a hard but good decision. Although this is frustrating we do not see an alternative solution that does justice to the quality of the former EFABE events and the joy it brought to the students, instructors and us in the past. 

Currently we are doing our best to end EFABE in an honest way given the budget limitations that were not changed during the past year, unfortunately.

We really appreciate the kind reactions of those who look back at one or more unique EFABE events and wish you all the best!



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